Week 5 Regional Qualifier Predictions

by HiRez ESports | May 30, 2014
#KingCOG reigns again in North America after Week 4, but in Europe Worth Gaming are the new kings. North America has come to a very stanadard 1st-4th order, but everything is up in the air over in Europe. There are a lot of things to consider in this weeks predictions, so let's get straight to it:

Current Standings:


North America

Cognitive Gaming -  Has Cognitive returned to their former unending 1st place glory? They’ve taken the last two tournaments over Dignitas. While the games have been close Cognitive has shown superior team fighting skills against Team Dignitas. Whatever they did it worked. If Dignitas has not found the secret to Cognitive’s newfound success Cognitive will continue to remain on top.

Team Dignitas – A small margin of 20 seed points is all that keeps Dignitas in the top spot. This week will determine whether Cognitive takes the top seed or if Team Dignitas can remain the top dog. Team Dignitas needs to look closely at their past matches against Cognitive to study what changed in their opponent’s gameplay over the past two weeks. It will be interesting to see how well Dignitas has adjusted to the new meta patch.

Snipe – With a healthy lead in seed points against The Game Changers, Snipe continues to be the 3rd place favorite. They dropped one tournament to TGC but quickly recovered from their loss last week. Having to face Cognitive each week in the semi finals makes the road tough for Snipe to advance out of the 3rd place spot. We’ll see how well they’ve studied Cognitive’s recent success in the past two qualifier tournaments.

WIld Cards: The Game Changers / Critsaurus / Five Angry Men


Worth Gaming - These guys have been on fire in the qualifier tournaments. The EU scene has always been known for exciting shifts during the season and Worth Gaming is certainly the current hype. Shaggyshenk and Korinyo have been performing above and beyond for their team. This week will depend heavily on Worth Gaming’s adjustment to the new meta patch.

Cloud 9 - Coming back strong after a disappointing week 3, Cloud 9 is poised to take battle against Worth Gaming in the finals. They’ve shown they are not scared of the hype surrounding IIIII, taking a deciding victory over them last week in the semi finals. With the current seeding Cloud 9 has an easier route to the finals matchup than their rival Team Solo Mid.

Team Solo Mid - Even with a healthy lead against Cloud 9 in seed points they had a tough loss last week against Worth Gaming. The top 4 teams in the EU scene are incredibly close in skill and drive to be the best. Having to go against the heavily hyped Worth Gaming does not favor Team Solo Mid. Taking Worth down will be a huge boost to TSM and could be exactly what they need to reclaim one of the top 2 spots.

Wild Cards: I I I I I / Bloodytech EU

Final Verdict

With North America settling into a consistent top 4, the European scene is all up for grabs with 3 legitimate teams vying for the top spot. The qualifier series looks to be an incredibly exciting time for both competitive teams and Smite fans. As the competitive scene grows and teams mature we will see more diverse standings. In the off season we saw a plethora of roster changes, newly formed teams, and new strategies from the banning. This qualifying season is shaping up to be the most exciting tournament series in Smite history.

Be sure to tune into the fifth week of action this Saturday starting at 12pm EDT/1800 CEST and Sunday at 9am EDT/1500 CEST on Twitch.tv/Smitegame.