Regional Qualifier Power Rankings - Week 4

by HiRez ESports | May 30, 2014
It's that time again! Power rankings come out every Friday as we give our judges the time to evaluate the previous week of competition as well as their names individual potential in order to give them the rank that we feel is necessary. As mentioned in the previous 3 power ranking posts, we judge teams on the following criteria.
  • Overall tournament standings/results (Current standings in qualifiers)
  • Last weeks performance (Example: Higher ranked team barely beating a lower ranked team would give little to no points vs lower ranked team crushing a higher ranked team would give a lot of points)
  • Personal opinion on each team (How you feel the team has been performing)
  • Potential future performance (Based on your knowledge of the team and past performances, rank a team on how you think they will continue in the qualifiers)
Each judge is given 50 points to divvy out between each team for both the North American and European regions. By Thursday night, the forms must be sent in completely and from there, we evaluate each judgement and average it out in order to get the rankings you are about to see for each region.

North America

Rank 1 - COGnitive Gaming

#KingCOG is back and in full force, taking out Team Dignitas 2-1 in Week 4 of the Smite World Championship Qualifiers. After losing a close game 1, COG came back and dominated the following two games. Now with two 1st place finishes in a row, our judges have solidified them as the team to beat in North America. The rest of the teams are going to have to put their best foot forward to crack this top spot.

Rank 2 - Team Dignitas

Team Dignitas is still the best contender to the throne, but they have taken a step back after back to back 2nd place finishes. This past weekend Dig tried switching it up and innovating the meta, which worked in some cases but not the rest. In game 1 they ran Ares solo on AnatoLiy who rampaged through COGs lineup, leading everyone in player damage and securing the win. Then after a crushing loss in game 2, Zapman brought out his secret weapon. Hunter Chronos. It didn't pan out, and while they still hold the number 1 seed every judge agrees that Dignitas is the 2nd best team in North America.

Rank 3 - SNIPE

After only dominating Cognitive in week 1 and The Game Changers in week 2, SNIPE took a surprising tumble to 4th in power rankings after only losing to TGC once. Dead set on proving the judges wrong SNIPE came out swinging, winning every lane and forcing an early surrender solidifying their 3rd spot. The question still remains on whether they can beat the two titans of NA in the coming weeks? They will have to improve a lot for us to see them as champions.

Rank 4 - The Game Changers
Rank 5 - Five Angry Men
Rank 6 - Critasaurus
Rank 7 - ReturN
Rank 8 - Torch
Rank 9 - Lispcrew
Rank 10 - VictoriouSecret


Rank 1 - Team SoloMid

You may be a little surprised with Team SoloMid sitting at the top of the power rankings after only taking 3rd last weekend, but our judges disagree. TSM has the history to justify a slight misstep along the way as both the current World Champions and the only team to win two qualifier weekends in Europe. Their game against Worth in the semi-finals was extremely close. Only losing after poorly positioning themselves to get wiped by a huge "I'm A Monster" from Korinyos Syclla. Team SoloMid needs to be on their heels though with Worth Gaming making a legitimate contention for the best of the best in Europe. Can they hold on and make it to the finals once again?

Rank 2 - Worth Gaming

The hype train for Worth Gaming is the real deal after bursting onto the scene in the first week of the SWC. Now as the only unsponsored team to ever win a qualifier, Worth has TSM in their crosshairs and they want blood. The question is, can they keep up their dominating pace? They now have enough points to be seeded 3rd every tournament, so they won't see be seeing TSM until the finals. After improving each week they're now the team to beat in Europe and only need consistency for our judges to pass the title off to them. 

Rank 3 - Cloud 9 HyperX

While Cloud 9 did make it back into the finals after defeating I I I I, they fell to Worth Gaming for the second week in a row securing themselves as 3rd in our power rankings. They still seem a little weak in comparison to TSM and Worth, but after a rough 3rd week they've shown themselves to still be a strong contender. Our judges all agree, with a legitimate big 3 in Europe now who can all take games off each other, these power rankings could sway heavily with each weekends winners!

Rank 4 - I I I I I
Rank 5 - BloodyTech EU
Rank 6 - SK Gaming
Rank 7 - Elo Fishers
Rank 8 - Exposed Secrets
Rank 9 - Agilitas
Rank 10 - Superbia

As always, stay tuned next week when we reevaluate our rankings based on the same criteria. The weekly tournaments happen every Saturday at 12:00pm EDT and Sunday at 9:00am EDT on the one and only