By The Numbers: Top Hunters Week 4

by HiRez ESports | May 27, 2014

Four weeks have passed and with all the contention in the Smite World Champions Qualifiers, we were sure to see some changes in the best players. Once again By The Numbers gives you the top 6 Hunters from across the world with a minimum of 9 games played.

Kill Death Assist Ratio

There’s been a bit of a shakeup in the Hunter KDARs. Smek now tops every player in the world while Zapman and madmanmarc have fallen out of the top 6, allowing newcomers Nonton and Zindurn to poke their heads around. While neither player has been in more than 10 games, they make the ones they are in count.

Player Damage

BaRRaCCuDDa and Zapman are dumping out the damage, even beating out most mid players. The only new addition this week is once again Zindurn, proving that he’s a force to be reckoned with. Shaggyshenk, coming off a superb victory over Cloud 9 in the finals of the Week 4 Qualifiers, has increased his standings once again, now 3rd overall for player damage.

Structure Damage

This week By The Numbers decided to look at the top structure damage for Hunters. Smek displays his efficiency once again, not only having the top KDAR in the world, he also leads all Hunters in structure damage over 21 games played. The player known as the King of Split Push, Zapman, falls behind into 4th place after four weeks of qualifiers. However past that, the average structure damage plummets by almost 1,000.

Think you can out damage BaRRaCCuDDa, or maybe even be more efficient than Smek? There are still more weeks to come in the Smite World Championship Qualifiers so come play, or maybe just watch, every Saturday starting at 12PM EDT/1800 CESt and Sunday at 9am EDT/1500 CEST on