NA Regional Qualifiers Week 4 - Recap

by HiRez ESports | May 26, 2014
We've had a large turnout this weekend in North America. 32 teams, with at least 5 of them being completely new teams, signed up to compete against the best teams in the game. Only the top 3 teams walk away with money in their pocket and the 4th place team receive gems.

We saw some stiff competition all the way through the 32 team bracket, including games in the quarterfinals that were almost an upset. The COGnitive Gaming vs ReturN game was very close as ReturN forced the game to last almost 50 minutes as they maintained the lead in kills. But COG being COG, they were able to capitalize and advance into the semi-finals.

Speaking of the semi's, we saw the top 4 seeds in NA once again in this portion of the tournament. No surprises were made at this point as Team Dignitas and COGnitive Gaming won their matches to play once again in the Grand Finals. The difference from this week compared to last week was SNIPE was able to come back from their 4th place position to 3rd place. It only took 20 minutes for SNIPE to take down their new rival in the consolation matches. Is SNIPE on a rise to making into the Grand Finals next week? Or are they stuck in this spot?

Now to talk briefly on the Grand Finals. The classic match-up between #KingCOG vs #BigDigStatus or more well known as COGnitive Gaming vs Team Dignitas. Dignitas took 1st place the first 2 weeks of the qualifiers, but feel in the 3rd week in competition. They needed to take 1st place this week in order to maintain a solid lead over all the other teams in points; however, they were unsuccessful to follow through. DIG was able to force a game 3, but COGnitive Gaming came out on top in the long run.

COG now has two 1st place placements in the qualifiers. As does DiG. The difference between the two, though, is DiG has made it into the finals all 4 weeks of the qualifiers. COG had a slow start in the season as they placed 3rd in week 1. Next week is a big week for these teams to see who will claim or hold on to the #1 spot.

The fun begins at the same time and same place as always - 12:00pm EDT (1800 CEST) at