By The Numbers: Top Junglers Weeks 1-3

by HiRez ESports | May 23, 2014

Three weeks have passed in the Smite World Championship Qualifiers, and I hope you've been warding. Junglers have been ganking every lane and By The Numbers today will show you who comes out on top statistically with a minimum of 7 games played.

Kill Death Assist Ratio

DaretoCare of Five Angry Men tops the charts, but not by much! Most of the Junglers are in a tightly contested race with andinster being the most active jungler in the SWC. With 94 kills (4th in the word) and 159 assists, only Suntouch comes close with 81 and 159 respectively. We also have only the second showing from a member of Critasaurus out of all roles.

Fun Fact: QvoFred has the highest average structure damage in the world at 12836

Player Damage

The top 5 most damage junglers in the SWC are separated by less than 1,000 on average. Amazing. iRaffer does take the honor, and even though IIIII currently sit as the 3rd seed in EU, their presence in the top 6 statistically has been suprisingly lackluster.

Gold Per Minute

Once again the North American players are the best of the best when it comes to farming. Only Tetyxx of Smite France is able to compete with the astounding 491 GPM of Fiddyy. While Critisaurus hasn’t made much of a splash in the standings, their jungler has shown he’s a player to fear, watch out DIG and COG.

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