By The Numbers: Top Supports Weeks 1-3

by HiRez ESports | May 22, 2014

Three weeks have passed and the Smite World Championship Qualifiers are still underway! Ever wonder who is better, NA or EU? By The Numbers today will feature the top 6 supports across the world who have played in at least 7 games the past three weeks.

Kill Death Assist Ratio


North America comes out on top when it comes to KDAR. This stems from their safer play and limited amount of deaths. While players such as TrixTank and HalfDevil both have over 200 assists they also have 40 and 53 deaths respectively, compared to Shadowq and Incontinentias’ 17 and 25. TrixTank does, however, have both the most support kills at 52 and the highest player damage, averaging 10519 per game.

Damage Mitigated


Wanted to know why the European supports were dying so much? How about their frontline playstyle, taking in and mitigating enormous amounts of damage over the course of three weeks. Incontinentia of Snipe is the only NA player to even make this chart. But it’s Frezzyy of BloodTech EU mitigating an astonishing 23,700 on average. He even takes the most player damage on average too, 23421.


Gold Per Minute

The greediest team in the world, The Game Changers, are at it again. Eonic joins his teammates, Snoopy and Divios, as the most farmed player in his respective role. The rest of North America is close at hand though while EU seems to lag off once again.

There are more tournaments to come though and these numbers could change dramatically the longer the Qualifiers go on! Think you’re good enough to do more damage TrixTank? How about soaking up as much damage as Frezzyy, or even out farming Eonic? Come and play or watch every Satuday starting at 12pm EDT/1800 CEST and Sunday at 9am EDT/1500 CEST on