EU Week 3 Team Spotlight - Team SoloMid

by HiRez ESports | May 21, 2014
These past couple of weekends, we've seen a dominate performance by Team SoloMid. They took down Cloud 9 HyperX in the Grand Final in Week 2 to take 1st place for the first time this season and then took down the upcoming Worth Gaming in Week 3 for another 1st place victory. After their game on Sunday, DeamonMachine sat down with the team captain Lawbster for a quick Interview.

Team SoloMid
Week 1 - 2nd place
Week 2 - 1st place
Week 3 - 1st place

Team Roster and Positions:
Manager: Zimpstar
Captain: Lawbster

Hunter - Smek
Support - TrixTank
Solo - Gamehunter
Mid - Lawbster
Jungle - QvoFred

You guys have been performing very well lately. What would you say TSM's biggest strength is as a team?
Hmmm. I think our team synergy is probably what seperate us from alot of other teams. We are all know eachothers playstyle really well and have played together for a long time, so we can read eachother if that makes sense.
We also connected in real life very quickly aswell which can only help our synergy ingame. Our biggest technical strength is probably teamfights.

How has the team been handling the change up with Youngbae leaving and Smek becoming the new starter? 
Well this question is something we deal with everyday, and my response is as usual; We feel strong and happy with our current roster, and as week progress it can only get better. Good luck and all the best to youngbae in C9, it looks like he has been carrying pretty consistantly. So maybe this is a change beneficial for more than one team :).

What kind of practice schedule do you guys have, if any?
We start scrimming 19:00 CET, every day. Obviously some days people cannot scrim, because of real life happenings and such. We usually stop scrimming around 22:00-00:00 CET.

What team would you guys say is a team to watch this coming weekend in the tournament (beside  yours of course)?
Well Worth Gaming looks strong, I5 looks strong. Teams to watch would be SK and Coast, people are already watching the newcomers. SK and Coast are still strong teams, but they are against eachother and us every single week due to seeding placements, so they haven't really had the chance to shine thus far. Along with Exps I can't really pinpoint a "team to watch" when they are all so even.

Does the team have any pre-game rituals or good luck charms they have before or during tournaments?
Not that I'm aware of. I'm pretty sure Qvofred has bathroom break rituals, but don't worry. He will make sure he is in a final game mid teamfight to actually go to the bathroom, then scream out for a pause as he runs to the loo.
PS: True story

Do you have any advice for new teams or individuals trying to break into the esports scene?
Hmm, this is always a tough question because we have been here from the beginning. If you do well and have a healthy mindset in ranked you will get noticed, otherwise you can sign up for amateur tournaments and such to get practice.
For new teams; make sure you are mechanically up-to-par with the top tier players, then focus on teamfighting, warding and shotcalling(calling targets, objectives, etc)
In the end you just got to play SMITE a whole lot and enjoy the competetive aspect of it.

Any final words for your adoring fans and viewers?
Thanks alot for supporting us!. We really do appreciate the love, and hopefully we can continue entertaining the masses with some interesting shot-calling (FG stolen twice vs WG) and good plays.