NA Regional Qualifier Week 3 - Recap

by HiRez ESports | May 19, 2014
3 weeks of the Regional Qualifiers down and many more to come. This past weekend was not only exciting, but also eye opening! We saw a new team come in 1st place in the North American scene and we also saw a completely new team show up in the Grand Finals in the European scene. In fact, that match-up was the first Game 3 we've seen in the entire Regional Qualifiers - both NA and EU. But for now, let's talk about the North American region.

1st: COGnitive Gaming

2nd: Team Dignitas

3rd: The Game Changers

4th: SNIPE
5th-8th: DownToFrag
5th-8th: Critasaurus
5th-8th: Five Angry Men
5th-8th: Torch

Coming in 1st place this past weekend was the #1 seed in NA last season - COGnitive Gaming. They started off coming in 3rd place in Week 1. Then coming in 2nd in Week 2. Seeing a trend here? Does this mean #KingCOG is back and they have finally got back into the groove of things with the latest addition to the roster - Jeffhindla? They played extremely well on Saturday in particular, but we don't think it's safe to say that they can not be beaten at this point.

Team Dignitas, even though they have finally lost to COGnitive Gaming in the Grand Finals, still hold the #1 spot in points. And they've shown that they can come back from what looks like a sure defeat. Their semi-final game against The Game Changers was a nail biter and from the looks of it until the last couple of minutes of the match, The Game Changers had that game in the bag. But Dig being Dig, they came back and showed who's boss.

Speaking of The Game Changers, they finally dug themselves out of that #4 spot. Coming in 3rd after defeating SNIPE, The Game Changers are showing that they are potentially the new top 3 team in the North American region. So with that said, is SNIPE losing it? Are they trying different strats that aren't simply working or are they just not able to hang with the current competition? Only weeks will tell which one is true.

We still have plenty of other talent in the Regional Qualifiers. Teams such as Down To Frag, Critasaurus and Five Angry Men are hungry for the top 4 spots and certainly have the potential to make it up there. It's a matter of how well they play on the day that matters the most. Who do you think can be the next top 3 team? Tweet at us @SmitePro!

We'll see you this Saturday for the 4th week of the Regional Qualifiers - 12:00pm EDT/1800CEST on