EU Regional Qualifier Week 3 - Recap

by HiRez ESports | May 19, 2014
What an amazing weekend of games in the European region. The main headline of this week was without a doubt Worth Gaming. They went from taking down Cloud 9 HyperX in the semi-finals to forcing a Game 3 with Team SoloMid in the Grand Finals. Though they lost Game 3, they still managed to put up a huge fight throughout the entire series. Beyond the Worth Gaming hype, we saw I I I I I continue to do well in the top 4 and teams like SK Gaming, BloodyTech and Exposed Secrets making it to the Top 8, but not able to get by the seeds about them.

1st: Team SoloMid

2nd: Worth Gaming

3rd: I I I I I

4th: Cloud 9 HyperX
5-8th: Exposed Secrets
5-8th: BloodyTech
5-8th: SK Gaming
5-8th: Agilitas

As mentioned earlier, Team SoloMid went against Worth Gaming in the Grand Finals which was finally decided after the very first Game 3 of a Best of 3 series in the Regional Qualifiers. Game 1 went to Team SoloMid, but certainly not without a fight. This put Worth Gaming in a tough position at which they needed to win the next 2 games to take 1st place in Week 3. So what did they do that any other team would do - Pick Ares!..... Wait what? Ares? Yup. Worth Gaming drafted Ares in Game 2 and you know what? They won. They actually forced Team SoloMid to surrender in 8 minutes. It was incredible.

So that brings us to Game 3. Game 3 was anyones game for the longest time as teams were stealing fire giants from each other and winning every other team fight. After 38 hard fought minutes, Team SoloMid was able to defeat the rising stars called Worth Gaming.

Outside of Worth Gaming, we had a 3rd place match-up between I I I I I and Cloud 9 HyperX. I I I I I hasn't been able to make it out of the semi-finals with a victory, but they keep it together during the consolation match. They actually were able to take down Cloud 9 HyperX, who was the #1 seed going into the tournament this past weekend. It didn't seem to be a great weekend for Cloud 9 as they were defeated by both I I I I I and Worth Gaming. We'll have to see how (and if) they recover from this weekend.

Teams to watch out for are still Exposed Secrets, BloodyTech, SK Gaming and even Agilitas. We haven't heard of Agilitas much throughout these past 3 weeks, but they're a team that we all need to keep an eye on. They have a roster that players haven't really had the opportunity to see compete, but the potential is there for them to make it into the top 4 any week.

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