Regional Qualifier Power Rankings - Week 2

by HiRez ESports | May 16, 2014
In case you're unfamiliar with the Power Rankings system, please check out the first of its kind by clicking here. We will continue to judge teams under the following criteria:
  • Overall tournament standings/results (Current standings in qualifiers)
  • Last weeks performance (Example: Higher ranked team barely beating a lower ranked team would give little to no points vs lower ranked team crushing a higher ranked team would give a lot of points)
  • Personal opinion on each team (How you feel the team has been performing)
  • Potential future performance (Based on your knowledge of the team and past performances, rank a team on how you think they will continue in the qualifiers)
Again, each judge is given 50 points to divvy out between each team for both the North American and European regions. With all of that said, here is how we rank the following teams from Week 2.

North America

Rank 1 - Team Dignitas

Two weeks of competition. Two weeks in 1st place. How could we not rank Team Dignitas as rank 1 in the Power Rankings again? With their continued strong performance in game with a variety of gods - even gods such as Loki, Cupid and Hades, this team is starting to look like COGnitive Gaming and their perfect season in the last qualifiers. The word used by most of the judges in the committee sums this all up: Dominate.

Rank 2 - COGnitive Gaming

Previously Rank 3 in last weeks Power Rankings, COGnitive Gaming has shown us that they are progressively getting better with their new Support Jeffhindla and showing how strong they are becoming. They're still the same COG we saw last season, but other teams have found ways with the new gods and new meta to actually beat COG in a game or two. We feel that once COGnitive Gaming patches up those holes teams are exploiting, they'll be the #KingCog we once new earlier this year. We wouldn't be surprised if COGnitive Gaming takes atleast 1 game away from Team Dignitas next week. Only time will tell.

Rank 3 - SNIPE

Dropping from Rank 2 last week, SNIPE's performance against COGnitive Gaming in the semi's just wasn't the same from Week 1. It's not that the team dropped in the overall skill, it's that too many mistakes were made that allowed for them to lose against COG and push them down into the consolation match. On the bright side, however, SNIPE is still growing in skill. They were a strong team last season, going into the SMITE Launch Tournament as the #3 seed, but they're much much stronger this season. And we expect that we'll continue to see this growing trend in SNIPE. Between COG, Dig and Snipe, the 1st place spot is open for either one of these teams each and every week. It's all the matter of who makes more mistakes and who can bend their opponents a way they've never been bent before.

Rank 4 - The Game Changers
Rank 5 - Five Angry Men
Rank 6 - Critasaurus
Rank 7 - Down 2 Frag
Rank 8 - Pizzalot
Rank 9 - Youre a Wizard
Rank 10 - Penta Blink


Rank 1 - Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid. #1 seed in the SMITE Launch Tournament. 1st place at the SMITE Launch Tournament. And now tied for 1st in the #SWC Regional Qualifiers. After coming in 2nd place in the 1st week of the qualifiers against the rivals Cloud 9 HyperX, Team SoloMid came back to show everyone that they haven't lost it. Especially with their new acquisition of Smek, things looked a little iffy on the first week. But it seems things are starting to solidify on their roster. In fact, Smek earned the MVP title last week for his dominate performance. Now was this just a lucky week for him? Or is this the Smek we know and respect? We think this will be the Smek we see every week, but we know this #1 spot is not guaranteed for them what so ever.

Rank 2 - Cloud 9 HyperX

Cloud 9 has been an interesting story. They've done more than just "trade" hunters with Team SoloMid. They've added enQu from SK Gaming and picked up HalfDevil for their support. That's 3/5 of their starting roster that is different from the SMITE Launch Tournament. That seems like a gutsy move; however, Cloud 9 has continued the same story, if not better, this season compared to last season. But after this past weekend against Team SoloMid, it was hard for us to keep C9 at the Rank 1 spot. A couple of mistakes in both of the Grand Finals matches just wasn't Rank 1 worthy. We expect to see a better performance next week, but will it be enough to take down TSM once again? We're not sure, but we're excited for this matchup again!

Rank 3 - BloodyTech EU

Here's a new team added to the Power Rankings top 3. Lead by the veteran Freezzy, this team was able to come from the Round of 16 in the 1st week of the qualifiers to 3rd place in the 2nd week. That's a huge advancement. Especially going against some well known teams such as I I I I I. We put BloodyTech EU as the EU Rank 9 team last week in the power rankings, but if this team can continue their dominate performance in the qualifiers (like we expect them too), we expect to see them at the next upcoming Regional LAN. There's other teams such as I I I I I and Exposed Secrets that are on similar grounds as BloodyTech EU, but this team has some strengths that we feel are above the others. This weekend will certainly be a doozy to see who will take the top 4 spots.

Rank 4 - I I I I I
Rank 5 - Worth Gaming
Rank 6 - Team Coast
Rank 7 - Exposed Secrets
Rank 8 - SK Gaming
Rank 9 - Agilitas
Rank 10 - SMITE France

Stay tuned next week when we reevaluate our rankings based on the same criteria. The weekly tournaments happen every Saturday at 12:00pm EDT and Sunday at 9:00am EDT on the one and only