NA Week 2 Team Spotlight - COGnitive Gaming

by HiRez ESports | May 15, 2014
Earlier this week, DeamonMachine was able to get a hold of the COGnitive Gaming to ask them a couple of questions on the current status of the team. This is what they had to say:

 Cognitive Gaming

Week 1 - 3rd place
Week 2 - 2nd place

Team Roster and Positions:
Captain: Andinster
Manager: Mattypocket

Hunter - BaRRaCCuDDa
Support - Jeffhindla
Solo - Omegatron
Mid - mLcSt3alth
Jungle - Andinster

I want to hear your thoughts on the past 2 weeks performance, finishing 3rd in week 1 and 2nd in week 2. 

We gave up a lot of good picks the first week, kinda testing the waters and we got rekt. We made a lot of mistakes and we couldn't really get our picks and bans in order.
Week 2 we felt like we came out a little better with our strategy and played a little better, but we still have a lot of work to do, to become #kingCOG again. Just a lot of mistakes overall and poor performance.

How is the team doing with the shift to pick up Jeff Hindla? Would you say it has had an unexpected impact on the team's performance?

We feel like we are doing a lot better with Jeff "The Sex" Hindla. The personalities and atmosphere is a lot more relaxed and easy going and everyone is getting along great. Performance wise, it's not all there yet, but we are working on it and overall very happy with Jeff.

What would you say is COG's biggest strength?

The ability to fill up on chicken and watermelon(strict diet enforced by Matty). Also our communication is really good. We don't really talk over each other and make sure we call out everything. Jeff talks a lot...... 

What team would hold the title "Biggest Rival"?

Probably team #COGnitas. They are pretty much are rival brothers. #respect

What kind of practice regime does the team have?

We don't have one. Unfortunately Omega has a really busy schedule with the military and a lot of us go to school, so its really hard for us to get any practice at all. Most weeks, we don't practice at all.

Does anyone have any "lucky" traditions? (certain hat, dance around the room before every match, etc..)

Matty wears his red hat backwards every tournament. We also clap all together in Dolby, really loud to pump ourselves up. Sometimes David (COGnitives CiO) rubs his nipples really loud. Don't fire us, plee.

Lastly for you Matty: What role do you do for cognitive as the manager (eg: look for sponsors, coach, make roster changes etc..)

Well I sub, coach and manage. Pretty much make sure these guys are eating lots of chicken, watermelon and lifting big. Honestly I'm all over the place with COG. I do all the social media work. Manage the team, which included picking the team we currently have, kicking and recruiting and making sure the boys stay motivated. Practice a lot to stay on par with the big boys, so I can sub in any position. Watch all the tournaments and scrims NA & EU to keep up with the META and the always changing competitive scene (#1 korean spy NA). We strategize and theorycraft together as a team. I travel with the team and pretty much play Big Papa Pocket, by feeding my boys and making sure they don't drink too much. Honestly, I'm just a slave and I don't do much. I'm just some washed up scrublord, who eats lots of chicken. :)