EU Week 2 Spotlight - BloodyTech

by HiRez ESports | May 15, 2014
This week, DeamonMachine had the opportunity to chat with Frézzyy from BloodyTech about their performance these past 2 weeks. In the 1st week of competition, they struggled to make it out of the Round of 16 against Exposed Secrets. On week 2, however, they managed to work their way to the consolation match, where they were able to defeat I I I I I for the 3rd place spot. With that said, here's the interview with BloodyTech:


Week 1 - 9-16th place
Week 2 - 3rd place

Team Roster and Positions:
Captain - Frézzyy

Hunter - M0ex
Support - Frézzyy
Solo - Sozage
Mid - Fexez
Jungle - Dover

Are you sponsored? (if so by who and you can plug them here)
We are currently sponsored by Bloodytech.

How long have you guys been a team?
We have been a team for a few days. Give us few more weeks. :D

What does your practice schedule look like?
We practice nearly every day for a couple of hours, if someone can't play we just observe other teams.

Your thoughts on your team's performance the past couple weeks. Where did you succeed and where could you improve on?
I believe that we have underperformed quite a bit this weekend, we could definitely play much better. We failed in the communicating category and hopefully practice on that in the next couple of days before next the next qualifiers #SWC. I want to add that our jungler is mainly why we are our own rivals.

Who is the shot caller for the team?
I'm the shot caller (Frézzyy). Unfortunately I have to take this role because my team is clueless.

Who is your biggest rival team?
Rival team? Hmm... I think we are our own biggest rival. If we can learn how to stop being so clueless, we win.

Anything else you want to add that you think I missed?
I want to add that our jungler is mainly why I have said that we are our own rivals. He becomes really hyper-active in between games, we loose that game most of the time. 
#m0ex mustache best mustache.