Regional Qualifier Power Rankings - Week 1

by HiRez ESports | May 09, 2014
With a full weekend of competition behind us, we can now start having some fun with stats, rosters and ideas. An idea we had over the past week was to adopt a Power Ranking system throughout the Regional Qualifiers. But first, what exactly are Power Rankings?

First off, it's important to note that these rankings are nothing but for fun and are nothing official. It's a way to rank teams in the Regional Qualifiers based on a predetermined set of criteria that a committee of people judge teams by and give interesting comments or factoids about each individual team. The council we use to create these rankings are based off of opinions from casters, admins and other esports staff. Here's the 4 items at which the committee will be using to rank each team.

  1. Overall tournament standings/results (Current standings in qualifiers)
  2. Last weeks performance (Example: Higher ranked team barely beating a lower ranked team would give little to no points vs Lower ranked team crushing a Higher ranked team would give a lot of points)
  3. Personal opinion on each team (How you feel the team has been performing)
  4. Potential future performance (Based on your knowledge of the team and past performances, rank a team on how you think they will continue in the qualifiers)

 Each judge is given 50 points (per region) to disperse in order to rank all of the teams that have competed in the Regional Qualifiers. From there, all of the points given to each team are averaged and each team is ranked according to their averaged amount of points. Judges are also asked to add comments for each team so we can summarize our explanation on why we feel a team received a specific rank.

Alright. Enough chatter. Let's get into Week 1's Power Rankings:

North America

Rank 1 - Team Dignitas

After the strong performance from Team Dignitas this past weekend, they've certainly earned their spot at #1. We decided to keep them #1 on the power rankings as well due to their long lasting lineup, their dominate performances in the history of smite esports and the individual skill sets each player on the team has. We look forward to see how other teams will contend against them.

 Rank 2 - SNIPE

It was a close one between COGnitive Gaming and SNIPE for the 2nd placement in the power rankings, but the committee decided that SNIPE earns this spot over COG. The big player in this decision was how well SNIPE performed against COG in the semi-finals last week. Not only that, SNIPE is continually showing that they are only getting better and are not stagnating. Even at the SMITE Launch Tournament, they showed up with the strongest performance we've ever seen from them. Now fast forward to this past weekend and notice how well they played against COG. With this continued trend, we expect SNIPE to stay in the top 3.

Rank 3 - COGnitive Gaming

COGnitive Gaming. #KingCOG. The titans of last season. We all know who this team is. Going into this past weekend, we saw COGnitive Gaming play with their new support, JeffHindla (previously on Denial Esports) and take 3rd place against The Game Changers. The judges decided the #3 spot in the power rankings was a good fit for them. They didn't exactly live up to the expectations that we thought to take the #1 or #2 spot, but they are still a dominate team in the NA Regional Qualifiers. One judge put it perfectly to describe the top 3 spots "All three of the top teams are even. It's essentially rock, paper, scissors: DIG beats SNIPE, SNIPE beats COG, COG beats DIG."

Rank 4 - Game Changers
Rank 5 - Down To Frag
Rank 6 - Ur a Wizzard
Rank 7 - Critasaurus
Rank 8 - Five Angry Men
Rank 9 - Penta Blink
Rank 10 - VictoriouSecret


Rank 1 - Cloud 9 HyperX

Cloud 9 certainly played amazing last weekend. And this was under their new roster! Cloud 9 was a big player in the tournament series last season, but after the way they played with their new Hunter Youngbae (Formerly Team SoloMid) and new solo laner Enqu (Formerly SK Gaming), we have no doubt that Cloud 9 can keep up these expectations. Especially in the finals against Team SoloMid, this team was hungry to show that they had the better trade in the Hunter role and they will be the next #1 team coming out of these Regional Qualifiers. Each and every player on this roster played some of the best games of their life and we don't see that changing anytime soon.

Rank 2 - Team SoloMid

I'm sure this is no surprise that we rank Team SoloMid directly under Cloud 9 HyperX at #2. There's no direct evidence out there yet to say that these two are not the two best teams in the European region at the moment. TSM wasn't able to shave a game off of Cloud 9, but this doesn't say that they aren't a good team by any means. In fact, they kicked ass in all their other games. Even the 1st game in the grand finals they were playing well with their recent acquisition of Smek as their Hunter. Zimpstar, their sub, came in for QvoFred early in the weekend tournament and did very well for himself and the team. This only shows that TSM is able to work well as a team with a variety players, which is a very lethal trait to have. We look forward to seeing how this team shapes up in the next few weeks.

Rank 3 - I I I I I

We've seen this team before many times in the past, but never in the top 3.  But this season is completely different. In the very first week, they were able to take down the #2 seed SK Gaming and make it all the way to the semi finals at which they were knocked down to the Bronze matchup against Worth It Gaming and took 3rd place. This type of performance is why we put I I I I I as Rank 3.

The potential this team has is HUGE and we all see it. We actually won't be surprised that they will take down Cloud 9 or TSM in the coming weekends, but it's not going to be easy for them. The passion and the dedication this team has is one to be desired. We can not wait to see how this team plays, in particular, next week. If you haven't seen the interview we had with them earlier this week, be sure to do so

Rank 4 - Worth It Gaming
Rank 5 - Exposed Secrets
Rank 6 - SK Gaming
Rank 7 - Team Coast
Rank 8 - Team Spray
Rank 9 - Bloodytech EU
Rank 10 - Agilitas

Stay tuned next week when we reevaluate our rankings based on the same criteria. The weekly tournaments happen every Saturday at 12:00pm EDT and Sunday at 9:00am EDT on the one and only