EU Week 1 Team Spotlight - Worth It Gaming

by HiRez ESports | May 07, 2014
To go along with the interview we had with I I I I I (3rd place in Week 1), we also wanted to have a couple minutes to talk to the captain of Worth It Gaming. This is a name we have never heard before nor have we seen these excellent players compete in past weekly tournaments. For them to knock out Exposed Secrets and Team Coast early in the bracket, we had no choice but to ask them what they're all about and where the heck they came from. 

Here's what they had to say:

Worth Gaming

Week 1 - 4th Place

Team Roster and Positions:

Captain - PrincessTomato

Hunter - Shaggyshenk
Support - PrincessTomato
Solo - Variety
Mid - LtFrosty
Jungle - Ninjabobat

Are you sponsored?

 No, but hopefully soon!

How long have you guys been a team?

For the full team 2 days, this was the first time we've played together not in casual 5 man queue (recently picked up Ninjabobat).

What does your practice schedule look like?

We can play everyday, we normally do about 2 - 3 scrims a day but on Wednesday we only scrim about once. We watch replays for about 15 mins (only the ones we lost) and go through only the important stuff but mainly we like to play as we find we learn from mistakes better from being more practical. Theory crafting is only really done during patchnotes about 30 mins but normally it's in our own time.

Your thoughts on your team's performance today. Where did you succeed and where could you improve on?

Well firstly we were very suprised with how well we done considering the brackets, our communication has to be the strongest part of our team and although we lack the knowledge/strats of the professional teams we feel that our overall play was very strong. We as a team felt we could improve on our early game positioning, it seemed that we fell quite hard on the fact we died before the game started against both TSM and i5.

Who is the shot caller for the team?

I am (PrincessTomato) the main shot caller for the team but we find having an overall quick and snappy decision of the call is the best way forward.

Any last things you want to tell your current and future fans?

Well to all the current and future fans we appreciate the support and we weren't expecting this big of a response, at the moment it looks hopeful for us and we hope to achieve lots in Smite and build an even biggger fanbase.