EU Regional Qualifier Week 1 - Recap

by HiRez ESports | May 07, 2014
If you only caught the North American tournament last weekend or you simply weren't able to watch any SMITE esports period, well you certainly missed out! We had a variety of upsets early in the bracket as well as some classic matchup's.

Let's begin briefly talking about the upsets we saw in the Round of 32. The only teams seeded in this weekends tournament were the teams who were invited to the SMITE Launch Tournament. The #2 seed, SK Gaming, started off the tournament with a matchup against last seasons I I I I I due to random seeding. Typically, the top few seeds will make it to the semi-finals, but this weekend was a bit different. I I I I I, a team who has been known in the weekly tournaments, has stepped up their game and took down SK Gaming in the first game of the day. But they didn't stop there. They proved themselves all the way to the consolation matches, once they were defeated by Cloud 9 HyperX and took 3rd place over Worth It Gaming.

Which beings us into the other upsets. Worth It Gaming, a team we've never seen or heard of before, completely shook up the brackets this past weekend. Starting off in the Round of 32, Worth It Gaming took down the #4 seed Team Coast - a huge surprise. Then in the quarter finals, Worth it gaming met up with Exposed Secrets - a team composed a roster of veteran players from top teams. They were able to take those gentlemen down to meet Team Solomid in the Semi finals. Unfortunately for them, they were knocked to the consolation match against I I I I I where they lost that match as well and too 4th place + 750 gems per player.

Now for the grand finals. A matchup we are well familiar with. Team SoloMid vs Cloud 9 HyperX. These two teams were the dominate players in the competitive scene for months now and this week was no different. A little switch in rosters as both teams essentially traded their Hunters (Youngbae now on Cloud 9 HyperX and Smek now on Team SoloMid) made this matchup a little more intense than usual. But to get straight to it, it only took 2 games to decide who was the better team this week. We'll let you see for yourself on how the last game of the series went: Click here

That'll do it for the recaps this week. Be sure to follow @smitepro on Twitter and subscribe to our SmitePro Youtube channel for constant esports videos, highlights and details. We'll see you this weekend at the same times as last week!