NA Week 1 Team Spotlight - Team Dignitas

by HiRez ESports | May 06, 2014
After the completion of the tournament on Saturday, May 3, we had the opportunity to snag a player from Team Dignitas. AnatoLiy sat down with us and was happy to answer a couple of questions about his team and their performance over the weekend. Here's what he had to say:

Team Dignitas

Week 1 - 1st Place

Team Roster and Positions:

Captain - Lassiz
Hunter - Zapman
Support - ShadowQ
Solo - AnatoLiy
Mid - TheBest
Jungle - Lassiz

What has your team been up to since the SMITE Launch Tournament?

Since the Smite Launch Tournament, we eased up the first week back since there was no tournament that weekend. It was a good break as we committed a lot of practice hours per day leading up to the Smite Launch Tournament and if you don't take a break you can definitely burn yourself out quickly. After that week, we began to practice for the Alienware Arena tournament which we ended up losing to COG in the RO8 in game 3 by 1 ticket. Some of us have been playing Arche Age and are enjoying it when they're not practicing Smite.  

Who is the shot caller on your team?

The shot caller on our team is Zapman. He has a lot of experience with leading teams ever since he left BLG ~November 2012 to make his own team PCG which eventually turned into Curse where they took first place in PAX East 2013. 

What does your practice schedule look like?

Individually we all practice on our own terms. Some of us can play up to ~8-10 hours a day on our own. However, as a team, we try to practice for 2-3 hours in scrims at least 4 days a week practicing strategies and/or specific god comps. 

Your thoughts on your team's performance this weekend. Where did you succeed and where could you improve on?

Going into the tournament, our scrims for that week was not the greatest as we had a lot of downtime with that Arena tournament taking up conquest practice time. Also, we didn't have much practice that week due to other teams scheduling conflict issues and the few scrims we managed weren't up to our performance standards. However, we pride ourselves for always showing up to play tournament days and as we progressed through the bracket we felt very strong with how we managed our team fights and objective control. We definitely could improve upon our early game by warding and careful positioning as that first game against Snipe gave them a solid early game lead as they invaded us at our speed buff. 

Any last things you want to tell your current fans?

Thank you very much to all the fans that support us ever since we've had our roster since June 2013, and all the new fans along the way. It's always a treat to read your kind words. #DiG4DiG #DiGLife 

Anything else you want to add that you think I missed?

As always we wish to greatly thank HiRez for the opportunity to play Smite at this level, it's truly a privilege. We also wish to thank Team Dignitas organization and Alienware for always believing in us and supporting us in everything we do.