Team SoloMid vs Denial eSports - Round 1: Team SoloMid Edition

by HiRez ESports | Mar 14, 2014

Team Roster

TrixTank (Support)
QvoFred (Jungle)
Youngbae (Hunter/Captain)
Lawbster (Mid)
Gamehunter (Solo) 

"Our synergy and play style fits perfect with how we individually play, we like to take risks and make plays. We definitely shake the fear against the enemy team who we play against and we believe that we are very consistent at holding the #1 spot in EU and we plan to make that a reality at the 100k by taking #1."

Team Stats

Team SoloMid - Top 3 Most Played Gods

God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Guan Yu 15 15 48 32 183 480.13 1.5 100%
Sun Wukong 13 11 83 35 102 513.77 2.37 85%
Ra 13 10 37 27 150 454.77 1.37 77%

Team SoloMid Total Stats

Total Wins Total Matches Losses Win Rate Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM
27 35 8 77.14% 715 420 1417 475.22

Player Stats

Mid - Top 3 Most Played Gods


God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Zhong Kui 13 11 83 35 102 513.77 2.37 84.6%
Zeus 6 4 21 22 38 447 0.95 66.67%
Ao Kuang 6 5 39 12 43 484.17 3.25 83.33%

ADC - Top 3 Most Played Gods


God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Anhur 11 8 52 26 75 462.73 2 72.72%
Neith 9 7 30 10 69 476.33 3 77.78%
Apollo 8 7 30 17 42 485.13 1.65 87.5%

Solo - Top 3 Most Played Gods


God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Ra 7 7 22 11 48 515.14 2 100%
Tyr 4 2 18 8 21 450.5 2.25 50%
Chaac 4 4 13 4 26 525.5 3.25 100%

Jungle - Top 3 Most Played Gods

​     QvoFred

God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Bastet 7 5 40 28 53 464.29 1.43 71.43%
Guan  Yu 6 6 34 12 73 499.83 2.83 100%
Tyr 5 4 28 12 40 506.2 2.33 80%

Support - Top 3 Most Played Gods

​     TrixTank

God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Sun Wukong 11 9 32 17 129 466.73 1.88 81.81%
Guan  Yu 8 8 12 20 104 463.25 0.6 100%
Sobek 5 4 15 9 45 457 1.67 80%

Interview Questions

1. Aside from competing in the tournament, what are you most looking forward to during the trip? Meeting up with your teammates, meeting the Hi-Rez folks, visiting Atlanta, the GameVid Expo going on next door, or something else entirely? - /u/Halvhir
Answer: Meeting up with my teammates for sure, the trip in itself is an adventure but meeting the people i play with everyday and spend so much time with is something we all really look forward to

2. What do you as a team believe are at an advantage at over the other side of the Atlantic? (if you can avoid it please say something else over god diversity/comfort) - /u/theskulls
Answer: Well, overlooking the obvious disparity when it comes to god picks & team comps, we are all very well-welded into our roles, but its hard to make a comparison because we have very little experience facing NA teams, we are examining their playstyle further in order to get a good grip on them. Something else that should not be overlooked is that our substitute, zimpstar, not only serves as a sub for the team but also acts as a coach for us to ensure we all improve individually on our quality of play.

3. Who exactly is your biggest competition? and What is your favourite god combo? i.e Loki invisible and athena ult onto loki or Hercules and Odin ults - /u/GloriousToast
Answer: This is a though one, all the teams attending are the best of the best, and this win could go to anyone having a good game, with that said, COG, c9 & DIG are looking real strong and we are definitely going to have to play our A-game against these teams.

4. How confident are you knowing that they were able to take down Cognitive Gaming in the Dignitas cup last week? - /u/xvsero
Answer: Honestly, it may serve merely as a morale boost for the team, we do not automatically assume the same results in a LAN-environment, some of the NA players had to deal with a lot of ping and so forth, but on the flip side, we were using a substitute. That being said we are definitely confident and have always been as a team, and a win sure helps reinforcing that feeling.

5. Each team seems to know each other pretty well. How do you think this will influence both the games and the event itself? - /u/Morgaeus
Answer: Honestly, the way SMITE meta is right now, we know which teams may surprise us and which teams wont, c9 for example, are very well known as innovators and aren't afraid of using make it or break it-type-comps. Then again it really boils down to counterpicking certain players that you know very well and what they like to play.

6. Outside of the new 3rd person vantage point, what do you believe is attracting people to Smite?
Answer: More action than the other MOBAs, more skillshots allows for more outplays and interesting teamfights even when behind, and also being familiar with the deities and their nature helps one understand their design and purpose better. (for example, even without playing the game you could kinda guess that Zeus is going to be shooting some sort of lighting at you)

7. What players is your team most excited to meet outside of your own team?
Answer: We are excited to meet all the people who are attending the event but in particular, we are very excited to meet SNIPE. A reunion with Spooh, Badgah and Hyrrok will be fun too <3

8. What match up is your team most excited to see or hope to see?
Answer: COG vs CST will have a huge impact on the pace of the tournament for us, definitely going to be looking at that one. Also really looking forward to the SNIPE vs c9 & Dignitas vs SK games, really good players in those teams.

9. How is your team preparing for the SMITE Launch Event?
Answer: Scrims, scrims, scrims and more scrims, and also some spectating, spectating, specta ... 

10. Can you give us a little insight on how you feel about the NA Meta?
Answer: The NA meta is very solid, but at times very predictable, i wish i could say more but it will come down to tournament results to see whichever is the better out of the two, i would be able to provide a much more in-depth answer if this question was asked post-tournament. (lets talk about dat chinese meta later doe)