Cloud 9 HyperX vs SNIPE - Round 1: SNIPE Edition

by HiRez ESports | Mar 07, 2014

Team Roster

Wolfy2032 (Solo Lane)
Nick (Mid Lane)
Allied (ADC)
Shing (Jungler/Captain)
Incontinentia (Support)

 "Most of our players have been playing Smite since it came out in 2012. We are all a part of the top ranked players, and feel we have been able to hold our own in the competitive scene since we are one of the more recently put together teams. We all play multiple hours a day for practice, and each stream in order to interact with the community, build our fan base, as well as help support our SMITE habits."

Team Stats

SNIPE - Top 3 Most Played Gods

God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Tyr 17 14 56 37 132 482.88 1.51 82.35%
Sun Wukong 15 8 48 22 117 464.67 2.18 53.33%
Zhong Kui 13 12 78 26 130 514.62 3 92.31%

SNIPE Total Stats

Total Wins Total Matches Losses Win Rate Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM
23 34 11 67.65% 652 394 1332 467.35

Player Stats

ADC - Top 3 Most Played Gods


God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Apollo 12 8 56 25 63 471.5 2.24 66.67%
Xbalanque 6 4 30 19 69 460.5 1.58 66.67%
Ah Muzen Cab 6 4 18 13 37 477.5 1.38 66.67%

Support - Top 3 Most Played Gods


God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Sun Wukong 9 5 18 15 79 460.11 1.2 55.56%
Geb 7 5 12 9 86 435.71 1.33 71.43%
Guan Yu 5 5 8 2 46 454.4 4 100%

Mid - Top 3 Most Played Gods


God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Zhong Kui 10 9 65 17 111 512.4 3.82 90%
He Bo 5 4 23 10 36 478.6 2.3 80%
Ao Kuang 5 2 17 11 32 443.6 1.54 40%

Jungle - Top 3 Most Played Gods

​     Shing

God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Thanatos 10 8 61 36 81 461.7 1.69 80%
Ymir 4 4 20 7 37 517 2.86 100%
Odin 4 3 33 12 46 502.25 2.75 75%

Solo - Top 3 Most Played Gods

​     Wolfy2032

God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Tyr 13 11 31 24 87 488.69 1.29 84.62%
Sun Wukong 3 2 25 5 25 487.33 5 66.67%
Hun Batz 3 2 12 6 21 487 2 66.67%

Interview Questions

1. How do you feel the meta variations between NA and EU will affect the matchup betweenyou two? ­­-- /u/Flareb00t
Answer: The North American scene has a meta which is more consistent than the EU meta. This allows the NA scene to become very comfortable with and against certain gods in certain roles. The EU scene attempts to break the mold more by throwing typically unplayed gods into the game. While this can lead to a bit of uneasiness with facing a typically unseen god, will that god bring enough to the table to make it worth it?

2. What do you think you guys need to improve on as of lately? --­­ /u/Sandvichh
Answer: Communication is our area that needs improvement on the most. We have a set of highly skilled players but we need to communicate our moves in a play by play fashion.

3. What are you expecting to be different with LAN battles, and do you have any experience with said LAN battles. --­­ /u/TripleCharged
Answer: Several of our members have experience in the LAN scene with practice at PAX prime. We do have a couple members who have not experienced LAN before, but we are confident in there mechanical skills to excel with 0 ping.

4. What are you excited about the most when you visit Atlanta? -- /u/Listen_and_Learn
Answer: It will be great for the team to meet each other in person and get to know one another on a more personal level. That should help team synergy in the long run for the many tournaments to come.

5. How much time and focus are you putting in the pick and ban phase? How important do you think it is? -- ­­/u/Listen_and_Learn
Answer: The picking and banning phase is a key part of winning a match­up. You have to do research on the opposing teams and know who they are most comfortable with, you can then use your bans to throw off the opposing team.

6. How does it feel to be the only ones in a tournament to not be sponsored and are there any plans to gain a sponsorship during the tournament? ­­ /u/coldhotshot
Answer: All of our members are on the same page when it comes to what we are looking for in a sponsor. We are keeping our eyes open for sponsorship opportunities and will continue to do so until we find our fit.

7. As HiRezStew mentioned in the upcoming SMITE patch schedule, how will you plan for the upcoming content patches?
Answer: We will make sure to continuously practice with each patch as they roll out to make sure we are on top of meta changes.

8. What players is your team most excited to meet outside of your own team?
Answer: Several members of the team have met most of the other players. It will be nice to see some old friends, such as JeffHindla, as well as meeting the Europeans for the first time.

9. What does the release of SMITE mean to you and your team?
Answer: This means that we can confidently continue our dedication to the smite scene knowing it will continue to grow and allow us opportunities to sustain ourselves from the smite e­sports scene.

10. What match up is your team most excited to see or hope to see?
Answer: A It will be great to see all of the first round games to see the clash of the NA and EU meta's head to head.