Coast vs Cog - Round 1: Cognitive Gaming Edition

by HiRez ESports | Mar 03, 2014

Team Roster

Andinster (Jungle/Captain)
Barraccudda (AD Carry)
DaretoCare (Support)
MLC St3alth (Mid Lane)
Omega (Solo Lane)
MattyPocket (Manager)
Team Bio

"We have great synergy together and many of the players have a lot of professional Gaming experience. We are hoping to progress as much as we can in the Smite Pro scene and we hope everyone can support us through that."

Team Stats

Cognitive Gaming - Top 3 Most Played Gods

God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Apollo 23 19 121 27 153 514.96 4.48 82.61%
Ra 22 20 69 35 196 524.36 1.97 90.91%
Tyr 20 18 76 27 141 516.6 2.81 90%

Cognitive Gaming Total Stats

Total Wins Total Matches Losses Win Rate Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D
38 42 4 90.48% 894 318 1801 513.5 2.81

Player Stats

ADC - Top 3 Most Played Gods


God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Apollo 22 18 117 27 152 507.64 4.33 81.82%
Neith 8 8 42 8 69 514.13 5.25 100%
Cupid 6 6 38 7 47 529.17 5.43 100%

Support - Top 3 Most Played Gods


God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Sobek 10 8 20 25 91 483.6 0.8 80%
Sun Wukong 9 8 27 5 95 492 5.4 88.89%
Geb 4 4 7 3 46 504 2.33 100%

Mid - Top 3 Most Played Gods


God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Ra 15 14 55 23 149 517.33 2.40 93.33%
Ao Kuang 9 7 43 18 75 499 2.39 77.78%
Zhong Kui 7 7 48 10 71 544.71 4.8 100%

Jungle - Top 3 Most Played Gods

​     Andinster

God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Freya 13 12 72 30 117 489 2.4 92.31%
Thor 11 10 76 22 93 552.55 3.45 90.91%
Tyr 8 7 51 19 60 509.25 2.68 87.5%

Solo - Top 3 Most Played Gods

​     Omega

God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Tyr 11 10 25 5 75 527.64 5 90.91%
Vamana 9 9 33 8 57 534.78 4.13 100%
Ra 7 6 14 12 47 539.43 1.17 85.71%

Interview Questions

What will you work on until the tournament to continue your winning streak? -- /u/ArchitectOfDreams
Answer: We watch all our tournament VoDs. Continue to practice and polish our gameplay. Theorycraft new game changing strategies. Overall just playing a lot and staying as consistent as possible.

What do you think are the biggest differences in the NA/EU meta and how do you plan to adjust (if at all) to compete?
Answer: EU Meta is very unorthodox. They just play a little of everything. That's why we believe there are so many different outcomes to the winners in the EU competitive scene. The NA scene has very specific gods, for certain roles, that make the team comps. As far as adjusting, we don't feel the need to adjust our game play. We are just going to continue doing what we do best and hope for good outcomes.

What do you think lead you to a perfect season in the Path to $100K?
Answer: Our clapping ritual before every game ( watch for it at the 100k+ ). We also stay very level headed and positive, even while losing. Matty also threatens us with his muscles if we play bad.

How are you preparing to face the opposing team in the first round?
Answer: We just watch all VoDs on everything. NA scrims, EU scrims, all the tournaments. No one really scrims us, so we just "no life" stalk everyone.

Are there any bans/picks you are prioritizing due to the enemy team?
Answer: Nuwa and Bakasura. They are way too over powered.

How do you think the LAN environment will benefit you? And how do you think it may hurt you?
Answer: Lan will benefit us a little more due to Barraccudda hitting 8/8 auto attacks, instead of 7/8. It may hurt us because most of us have never played on lan before. We also don't have as much experience as other teams do. It's a new experience for us and we are excited to take on the challenge.

What players is your team most excited to meet outside of your own team?
Answer: We are mostly excited about meeting TSM from the EU side. They were COGnitive EU before TSM. Not to mention they are a really strong team and #1 seed in the EU scene. Also a couple of us would like to meet NJNICK from Snipe. Some of us use to play with him awhile back, seems like a nice guy.

What does the release of SMITE mean to you and your team?
Answer: The growth in eSports, along with the SMITE community. We would really like to see more LAN tournaments with cash prizes, and more teams joining the competitive scene of SMITE. Having a career playing SMITE professionally doesn't sound to bad either. :)

What match up is your team most excited to see or hope to see?
Answer: TSM vs DIG is probably the big match we are excited to see. Due to both teams being very talented and having prior LAN experience. We are "ROOT"ing for #teamDIGniMID.

What team in the tournament do you think will surprise everyone by their performance?
Answer: Denial eSports. They are very good with momentum on LAN, along with unorthodox early game strategies. We are excited to see how some EU teams deal with the constant invades and pressure, that we are so use to in the NA scene.