Path to $100k Tournament: Week 7 of 8 Recap

by HiRez ESports | Feb 19, 2014

7 weeks down. 1 to go.

The Path to $165K+ is coming to an end and invitations to Atlanta, Georgia are about to be sent out. But until then, we still have this past weekend to talk about and 1 more week of intense competition.

In North America this pass weekend, we saw Cognitive Gaming take 1st place for the 7th week in a row in 2014. That's 1st place in every single NA tournament for the Path to 165K+. Team Dignitas was able to take 1 game from them during the grand finals as they took the fire giant and pushed hard up the mid lane for the victory. But COG came striking back in the next 2 games to hold their title.

In Europe, Team Solomid and Cloud 9 HyperX met again for the battle of 1st place. With Cloud 9 being Cloud 9, they went with some unique picks for tournament play - such as Nu Wa and Chronos, to try to come back and take a game off of Team Solomid, but unfortunately for them, they were unable to do so. Team Solomid took 1st this past weekend to allow them to also regain their 1st spot in the overall points in Europe.

Points still matter since we will be seeding teams at the event according to their overall points, which means next week is very important for most teams. One bad game can bring a team down in their current standings. Here are the current top 8 seeds (As of 2/17/2014). Note: These aren't the official seeds for the event. We still have 1 more week to decide that ;)

1: NA - Cognitive Gaming - 700pts 
2: EU - Team Solomid - 525pts 
3: EU - Cloud 9 HyperX - 520pts 
4: NA - Team Dignitas - 360pts 
5: NA - Snipe - 290pts 
6: EU - TeamQ/SK Gaming - 270pts 
7: EU - Torch - 260pts 
8: NA - Denial eSports - 140pts 

The launch tournament at the end of March will be a double elimination tournament and teams will play against each other in the first round according to their seed:

1st seed vs 8th seed 
2nd seed vs 7th seed 
3rd seed vs 6th seed 
4th seed vs 5th seed 

Tickets to the event are currently sold out; HOWEVER, there will be more available in the very near future. We'll let you know when that is the case.

And as always, here are your results for last weekends tournament - Week 7.

North America

Placement Team Points Earned
1st Cognitive Gaming NA 100
2nd Team Dignitas 60
3rd Snipe 40
4th Denial eSports 25
5-8th Evolution Gaming 10
5-8th Clash N Slash 10
5-8th Humble Bees 10
5-8th DownToFrag 10

Overall North American Rankings

Placement Team Total Points Difference
1st Cognitive Gaming NA 700 --
2nd Team Dignitas 360 --
3rd SNIPE 290 --
4th Denial eSports 140 --
5th Clash N Slash 85 --
7th Almighty eSports 50 --
7th Still Dreaming 50 --
7th Armata Gaming 50 --


Placement Team Points Earned
1st Team Solomid 100
2nd Cloud 9 HyperX 60
3rd TeamQ/SK Gaming 40
4th Torch 25
5-8th Project XIII 10
5-8th I I I I I 10
5-8th You Amaze Me 10
5-8th Epsilon eSports 10

Overall European Rankings

Placement Team Total Points Difference
1st Team Solomid 525 +1
2st Cloud 9 HyperX 520 -1
3rd TeamQ/SK Gaming 270 +1
4th Torch 260 -1
5th I I I I I 60 +1
6th GimmieYoSandwich 50 -1
7th Epsilon eSports 40 --
7th The Game 40 --
7th Cognitive Forge/Meta Breakers 40 --

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