Path to $100k Tournament: Week 6 of 8 Recap

by HiRez ESports | Feb 10, 2014

In Week 6, we saw a couple upsets in the NA bracket and some movement in the EU leader board. Along with all of that, we also added a couple new assets to the broadcast which seemed to have a rather positive response. We will continue to fine tune the quality of the stream as well as add more goodies to the stream in the next coming weeks. We've added a lot of Twitter functionality to the stream, so if you're not yet on Twitter, you better get on that. You may even see your tweet live during the broadcast!

I want to thank everyone who has supported us in the past 6 weeks and a big welcome to all of our new viewers! I hope to see everyone at the $100K (now $160k+) Launch Tournament. Looking for tickets? Have no fear. There are still a couple left for sale! Get your tickets here.

If you're looking for last weekends VODs, you can find the North American VOD here and the European VOD here. Incase you didn't see last week, we started uploading the Grand Final matches on our SmitePro Youtube channel. We will continue to update the Path to $100K playlist with these videos and look to do more in the future.

Here are your Week 6 results:


North America

Placement Team Points Earned
1st Cognitive Gaming NA 100
2nd SNIPE 60
3rd Team Dignitas 40
4th DownToFrag 25
5-8th Evolution Gaming 10
5-8th Denial eSports 10
5-8th Almighty eSports 10
5-8th Still Dreaming 10

Overall North American Rankings

Placement Team Total Points Difference
1st Cognitive Gaming NA 600 --
2nd Team Dignitas 300 --
3rd SNIPE 250 --
4th Denial eSports 115 --
5th Clash N Slash 75 --
7th Armata Gaming 50 --
7th Still Dreaming 50 +1
7th Almighty eSports 50 +1


Placement Team Points Earned
1st Cloud 9 HyperX 100
2nd Torch 60
3rd TeamQ 40
4th Team Solomid 25
5-8th Epsilon eSports 10
5-8th Cognitive Forge 10
5-8th Gimmie Yo Sandwich 10
5-8th I I I I I 10

Overall European Rankings

Placement Team Total Points Difference
1st Cloud 9 HyperX 460 +1
2st Team Solomid 425 -1
3rd Torch 235 +1
4th TeamQ 230 -1
5th Gimmie Yo Sandwich 50 --
5th I I I I I 50 --
7th The Game 40 -2
7th Epsilon eSports 30 +1
7th Cognitive Forge 30 +1

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