Smite Tournament Series: Week 27 Recap

by HiRez ESports | Nov 05, 2013
With the team rankings system now live and being displayed on the front page, we're about to see these teams get even more competitive to top the leaderboards! Points are earned by placing in the top 8 spots in each weekly tournament. Read up on the points distribution at the official rules page.

Let's talk about who won points this past weekend and how the tournament went in both regions - starting with North America. In Week 27, we saw Team Dignitas come back to the scene after taking last week off. Whatever they did on their week off, certainly paid off since we saw them take home $500 and 100 points. In the semi-finals, they met up with their usual contestant in the finals - COGnitive Gaming. With only 1 game to decide who advances, Team Dignitas went with a safe God selection whereas for COGnitive, they went with the non-traditional tank pick - Ares. That didn't work in their favor as Team Dignitas took that game pretty convincingly and advanced to with the finals vs Reason Gaming.

But let's talk about Reason Gaming for a second. Currently, they reside in 5th place with 155 points while their semi-final opponent, Denial eSports, remains in 4th with 370 points. That's a good amount of points separating these two, but that didn't stop Reason Gaming from giving it their all. In fact, Reason Gaming took down Denial eSports in a hard fought match up. Snoopy's Xbalanque play was exactly what Reason Gaming needed to get them into the finals for the first time in many weeks.

In Europe, we see SK Gaming in the lead by a large margin with the most points in the entire Smite Tournament Series - 550 points. Behind them in 2nd place is Mortality EU with 330 points. That's a 220 point difference. And with the performance we saw from SK Gaming this past weekend, it's not hard to see why they remain on top. For the 4th week in a row, SK Gaming takes home the $500 prize pool as well as 100 points for each win. That certainly adds up quick.

In the consolation match up, MyRevenge (previously known as Payback Gaming) took on Mortality EU for some cold hard cash and more tournament points. With Mortality completely shutting down their enemies Thor and smart plays by Exotic, Mortality was able to come out on top and keep their spot in 2nd place for EU. Well played gentlemen. But the question still remains: Who will be the next team to defeat the titans of EU - SK Gaming? Only days away until teams can take another stab at it.

We'll see you all this weekend! Best of luck teams!