Smite Tournament Series: Week 26 Recap

by HiRez ESports | Oct 29, 2013

Hello! And welcome to the new eSports site for SMITE! We’re excited to have this out and available to you as we introduce phase 1 of the site to everyone this past weekend. We have plenty of more functionality being made available to all of you in the next coming weeks, so be sure to keep checking up on the site.

Enough of that. Let’s get into the good stuff. And as tradition, we’ll start with the North American scene. With 10 signups and not one of those being Team Dignitas, we saw a couple of matchups we normally don’t see later in the bracket.

One of those matchups was seeing the team Exertus eSports go up against Denial eSports for 1st place. We normally don’t see these two teams in the finals matchup since it’s usually taken by the 2 titans Dignitas and COGnitive gaming, so we were excited to have this one casted live. One thing that surprised a lot of viewers was the choice of an Ares on the Exertus esports side. Not normally the pro’s choice of a tank, Exertus went into their second matchup after winning the first of the best of three with a risky move. It didn’t work out for them in the long run, but it certainly shows that the underdog in this tournament is not afraid to try something different. Denial eSports took first place in this past weekends tournament with Exertus in 2nd, Reason gaming taking 3rd and COGnitive gaming dropping back into the 4th place spot.

Speaking of unorthodox God picks, we saw something that actually did work that no one has really pulled off before. And that was SK Gaming in the European side. SK Gaming is known for their tremendous plays and being the team to try new things in the competitive scene of Smite. Well this week was no different. SK Gaming, winning the past 2 weekly’s, came in with a Xbalanque JUNGLE. That’s right. And it worked! SK Gaming defeated their opponent Mortality in the finals, 2 games to none. You have to see this for yourself. See the point of view of pr0xyQQ using Xbalanque in the tournament here.

Once again, be sure you keep tabs on our new eSports site. We plan to add more items to the page such as team pages, stats and much more! Also be sure to read the rules page. We recently updated the rules on the site. It is important all participants are aware of the new rules and have read through them thoroughly.

See you this weekend!