• New in SMITE: Combo Breaker!

    on Jun 30, 2015
    Ravana Chain of Blows Each successive hit within 5 seconds adds to Ravana's combo chain, allowing Prana Onslaught to do an additional 7.5% damage for each hit in the combo, up to a maximum of 60% total. Additional hits above 8 will not count towards this damage again until Prana Onslaught has been fired. Prana Onslaught Ravana throws a pow...
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  • The Hidden Surprises of SMITE

    on Jun 29, 2015
    Easter Eggs are to videogames as cameos are to film. We don’t necessarily expect them (unless you’re Stan Lee), but they’re a nice nod to the audience. Hi-Rez Studios are no exception and there are a fair number of easter eggs waiting for players within SMITE, you just have to look in the right places! I mean, alternatively, ju...
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  • See Upcoming Tribes Events at TribesSchedu...

    on Jun 25, 2015
    Recently posted by the reddit account Nerf_Proliferation, there's now a new place to go and see what events are coming up in Tribes Ascend. TribesSchedule.com will be able to host and create events such as organized drafts, PUGs and other tournaments. Players will be able to browse through all past, present and future events as we...
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  • Gabe Said So (Again) Summer Sale

    on Jun 23, 2015
    This Sunday in SMITE, get up to 300 FREE GEMS just for playing! To celebrate the epic conclusion of the Gabe Says So (Again) Summer Sale, Gabe has decided to increase the First Win of the Day Bonus all the way to 50 gems per win this Sunday only. Why? Because he's Gabe and He Said So (Again) (Again). Plus, earn double xp...
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  • This Weekend: Friends with Benefits

    on Jun 18, 2015
    This weekend, June 20th & 21st, play with friends on PC to gain extra Worshipers and XP. The more friends you play with the more rewards you gain. For our Xbox players, this weekend you will receive double Worshipers and XP!
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HiRez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios, located just outside of Atlanta, GA, was established in 2005 to create exceptional online interactive entertainment, and is now one of the largest video game studios in the Southeast United States. In 2010 we released the squad-based Shooter-MMO Global Agenda. In April 2012 we released the critically acclaimed Tribes: Ascend, billed as the World’s Fastest Shooter. We are currently developing the 3D action MOBA game SMITE.